Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sneha Roy & Sananda Misra - by Sneha Roy & Sananda Misra is an online platform for ordering all household items. Its not a new concept but the founders aim to make it unique with its grocery subscription. One can subscribe for regular needs like milk, butter, etc and can specify required frequency. TopTomato was launched in the month of September, 2012 by Sneha Roy and Sananda Misra, graduates from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, with varied experience of working in the FMCG sectors. The venture is self-funded and the seed capital was about Rs 5 lakhs.  The initial capital was used for building the website and setting up the back-end and delivery networks. In an era where time and money have become mutually convertible commodities, Toptomato promises an escape from mundane Sunday morning shopping chores, long queues at billing desks, and endless hassles over procurement of daily necessities. With its highly customised home delivery systems, extensive periodic packages, attractive discounts, infallible quality assurance, preferred delivery time options and a robust order tracking system, Toptomato aims to redefine the entire shopping experience for its customers.  So for those of you who would rather recline in an arm chair with a cup of coffee than waste half of your life in marts and malls pushing trolleys filled with the week’s shopping, Toptomato is just the right place. Afterall, lazy is the new sexy!